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Meet the people who bring you Love Netball:

Jacquee Saunders

As well as being the co-founder of Bondi Phoenix Netball Club, Jacquee is an experienced player, coach and umpire with national qualifications. Her netball days and love for the sport started all the way back in the late 70’s. These days in the Eastern Suburbs she coaches juniors, passing on all she knows about netball to all those eager to learn. 


Jacquee's passion is encouraging girls to develop their skills, have fun, and fostering teamwork.  She loves watching them grow in character, confidence with a sense of achievement, and sharing in the love of netball...​


Jacquee is involved with the netball organisation, www.lovenetball.com.au

Kelly West

Netball has been a huge influencing factor in my life - It has provided me with so many extraordinary opportunities over the years!


As a young girl, it gave me self confidence when I didn't have a scrap. As a teenager it provided me with an opportunity for leadership and success as a coach, an umpire and a player.  As a young woman it offered me the chance to live my passion profitably by founding the (then) largest social netball association in London.


Now it all coms full circle as we establish Eastern Suburbs Netball Assocition and Bondi Phoenix Netball Club, together with expanding Love Netball - giving girls and women in my area an opportunity to contribute and be contributed to the way I was and continue to be.


Honestly, netball is my life's work. 

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