The Player Centered Approach to Teaching Beginner Netball

Our Love of Netball from the Very Beginning!

Remember those days of the coach on the sideline yelling at the players. You know the kind: red faced and angry - and everyone knew when things weren't going well. Maybe you had one of those when you were a kid.

But it wasn't the coach's fault - they were trying their best - just like the players! Mostly it is simply that they didn't establish a 'language' with their players that produces results during the game. (more on that in a future post on 'Being the Best Coach You Can Be').

Well, those days are over at Love Netball. Our philosophy is simple and can be described as follows:

  • We engage the girls at their level.

  • We instruct & demonstrate correct technique.

  • We praise the girls when they execute any improvement, no matter how small.

  • We amplify and reward what we want to see.

  • Mistakes are part of learning and are ok.

  • We plan our sessions to create improvement week on week.

  • We ENSURE the girls have fun and leave their session or game feeling good about themselves - regardless of the score!

We love our junior girls and we are so thrilled to be offering an expanded program for beginners aged 6 to 11 years in 2017!

For 5 years, Love Netball has been working with and developing gorgeous little netball players in the Bondi area. It is something we love and are passionate about - delivering Fun and Engaging classes that ensure our daughter's have the best start for a lifelong love our our sport.

Love Netball Beginner and Improver Classes for girls aged 6 to 11 are on Tuesday afternoons at Waverley Park. For more information, visit our Juniors Website Here

Love Netball Beginner Sessions for Adults are on Wednesday evenings at Waverley park. For more information, Visit our Adults Website here

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