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Terms & Conditions of Play

I understand and acknowledge that I am solely responsible for my participation in Love Netball games and do so at my own risk.  Games will involve strenous activity and personal risk.


I warrant that:

  • I am fully responsible for my own participation and wellbeing.  I am not aware of any medical or physical condition that may preclude me from participating in the kind of exercise that the game of netball demands.  Love Netball does not share this responsiblity with me;

  • I will be fit and well enought to take the court, and will determine this for myself prior to each and every game;

  • I have informed the organisation and will inform the umpires of any existing condition and/or injury which may affect my ability to play netball; 

  • I will abide by Love Netball's code of conduct and the rules of the game of Netball as a condition of my participation;

  • Love Netball has professional insurance for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.  We DO NOT provide Personal Acident Insurance for our members.  We recommend that you confirm with your Private Health Insurer that you are covered for accidents and injuries sustainted whilst playing sport; 

  • I understand that I take the court at my own risk.  I will check the condition of my court and  bring any hazards to the attention of the umpires or official on duty.  If they do not satisfactorily resolve my concerns, I reserve the right to refuse to play;

  • whilst Love Netball will take every conceivalbe precaution to ensure my safety, the areas of parkland surrounding the courts are the property and responsiblity of the local authority.  I understnad this, and agree to not hold Love Netball accountable for any accident or injury to myself or my children that occurs beyond the defined netball court whilst participating in Love Netball league matches; and

  • in the unlikely event of an injury - I understand that Love Netball and their officials reserve the right to call an Ambulance to attend me if they deem it necessary.  I can expect Love Netball to call an ambulance in any circumstance where I become unconscous or I am unable to be moved from the court for whatever reason - conscious or unconscious.


I hereby expressly assume all risks (special or otherwise) associated with my parcipation and release Love Netball and it's directors, partners, employees, contractors and agents (the "staff") from all liability or responsiblity whatsoever for personal injury, illness, property loss and/or damage or death resulting from the use of the facility and/or equipment provided in the course of my game of netball and/or training, except to the extent that such occurred as a result of negligence on the part of Love Netball, it's agents or employees.



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